New Husqvarna PP 490 – enabling flexibility and versatility in one modular system


Husqvarna now presents a new power pack – that can give you all you need included in one system. Husqvarna PP 490 is designed to be used with Husqvarna WS 482 HF, including the wire saw Husqvarna CS 10. New for PP 490 is that you can use it to power your Husqvarna PRIME™ power cutters and drill motor. This means that you get more work done with less equipment.

“With PP 490 you have the advantage of a modular system, that makes it possible to use several machine s with one single power source. In this way you have the flexibility to do both wall saw cuts and over cuts as well as other jobs with one system. It saves valuable set up time, bringing higher efficiency and productivity to our customers, and in the end higher profit”, says Botilda Hellberg, Global Product Manager  Construction Equipment, Husqvarna Construction Products. 

The flexibility and versatility of PP 490 are in many ways outstanding. You can run the power pack with WS 482 HF, CS 10, K 6500, K 6500 Ring, K 6500 Chain and DM 650. 

“With new PP 490 as a base, it is easy to add on machines to your range in order to increase your  capacity to deliver different kinds of jobs”, says Botilda Hellberg.

PP 490 also comes with a wireless remote control. In that way, the user has excellent control of the sawing and gives him or her freedom to move around the worksite. The remote control has a clear display that shows the current performance of the product in use. 

In addition, a smarter regulation of PP 490 gives WS 482 HF a more intuitive adaptation during operation, similar to WS 220 behaviour.

Technical specifications PP 490

  • Power output: 20 kW
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Rated current: 32 /25 /16 reduced A
  • Weight: 23 kg

Main benefits PP 490

  • Flexible. Can be used with WS 482 HF, CS 10, K 6500, K 6500 Ring, K 6500 Chain and DM 650.
  • Easy set up and transport.
  • Wireless remote control. Gives the user freedom to move around the worksite.
  • Minimum slurry. Automatic water valve minimises the soiling of water and slurry.
setting up wall saw

Press Manager

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