New Husqvarna K 970 - reliable, effective and user friendly with SmartTension


Husqvarna’s unique power cutter range stands out and has always offered machines with different power sources; petrol, electric, air and hydraulic. What they all have in common is the focus on the user, the high power-to-weight ratio and several other features that facilitate the work for the user.

Introducing SmartTension and magnesium blade guard

We now introduce SmartTension, a system which makes it easy to tension the belt optimally. 

“The secret with SmartTension is that you minimise the risk of under- and over-tensioning. When tensioning the belt, SmartTension finds the right tension using a patent pending spring loaded mechanism. In addition, it is easy to change the belt and reverse the blade guard. This contributes to the reliability of our K 970”, says Johan Simonsson. 

Another very important, new feature on all K 970 cutters is the magnesium blade guard. The magnesium contributes to a light weight, which gives an improved power-to-weight ratio. It also contributes to an increased cutting depth – now up to 155 mm on the 16” version. In addition, the new stepless adjustment on the blade guard on all new K 970 power cutters makes it easier to change cutting position that in turn facilitates cutting.

With reliability in focus

Besides these updated features, the new K 970 still offers the original benefits of K 970. These include Active Air Filtration™, one of the most efficient air filtration systems on the market, and a X-Torq™ engine that produces less emissions and has lower fuel consumption. 

”Typical users could be distributors, rental companies and contractors direct. What they have in common is a need for a reliable power cutter that does the job”, says Johan Simonsson.

Updates on Husqvarna K 970 Rescue

At the same time, Husqvarna also launches an updated version of K 970 Rescue. The power cutter will feature the new semi-automatic SmartTension and the magnesium guard. In addition, to keep the visibility of the blade guard in smoke, the blade guard comes with reflection tape. Also, the carrying strap on K 970 Rescue is updated. Now, the carabines are bigger and easier to handle with gloves on.

Technical specifications - K 970

  • Cylinder displacement: 94 cc 
  • Power output: 4.8 kW 
  • Blade diameter: 350/400 mm
  • Max cutting depth: 125/155 mm 
  • Weight without cutting equipment: 11/11.7 kg

Technical specifications - K 970 Rescue

  • Cylinder displacement: 94 cc 
  • Power output: 4.8 kW 
  • Blade diameter: 350 mm 
  • Max cutting depth: 125 mm

Main benefits K 970

  • SmartTension - semi-automatic belt tensioning. Easy and optimal belt tensioning minimises the risk of under- and over-tensioning. 
  • Enhanced ergonomics. Stepless adjustment of the magnesium blade guard (on both 16” and 14”) makes it easy to change cutting position. 
  • Increased power-to-weight ratio thanks to the new, light blade guard in magnesium, which decreases the weight to 11kg (14”) and 11.7 kg (16”).
  • Active Air Filtration™. One of the most efficient air filter systems on the market.
  • X-Torq™ engine produces less emissions and has lower fuel consumption.
  • DuraStarter™. Dust-sealed starter with durable starter cord reduces the risk of downtime and increases reliability and product Life.
  • SmartCarb™. Built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption. 
  • Easy to start thanks to Air Purge and decompression valve.

Main benefits/New Husqvarna K 970 Rescue

All the benefits from new Husqvarna K 970, including the magnesium blade guard, plus:

  • New carrying strap. With larger carabines for easier handling.
K 970 Rescue

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