Husqvarna dust collectors for wet and dry cutting, drilling and grinding jobs

In construction work, even small amounts of airborne dust particles may increase health risks, while productivity may suffer if layers of dust or slurry cover the floor. This is why Husqvarna provides a well-composed range of reliable high-performance dust collectors, dust extractors and industrial vacuum-cleaners, designed for easy and efficient control and evacuation of dust and slurry.

Husqvarna dust collectors can be used for both dry and wet applications. They come in various sizes and specifications to fit different demands and applications. All Husqvarna dust collectors are typically designed to match the performance of Husqvarna floor grinders, core drilling systems and handheld power cutters.



  • DC 6000

    967 20 94-01

    3 ph
    Air requirement
    700 m³/h
    Rated input power
    5.75 kW
    • 95% separation of dust
    • High productivity
    • Low noise and clean working environment
    • Easy to use

  • DC 3300

    965 19 60-12

    1 ph
    Air requirement
    520 m³/h
    Rated input power
    3.3 kW
    • Efficient dust containment
    • Efficient vacuum units
    • Robust machine
    • Comprehensively tried and tested

  • DC 3000

    967 29 96-01

    Rated input power
    2.4 kW
    • Automatic dust filter cleaning
    • Tiltable container for easy disposal
    • Easy connection
    • Long hose

  • DC 1400

    966 76 68-01

    1 ph
    Air requirement
    220 m³/h
    Rated input power
    1.4 kW
    • Automatic dust filter cleaning
    • Auxiliary start/stop system
    • Long hose
    • Multi adapter


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