Z-Edge Pic US

Introducing the new and improved Z-EDGE diamond blades for the W 1500 series for wall saws and Elite-Drill B 1410 and Vari-Drill B 10 will be available in the US market. Husqvarna is thoroughly committed to contractors, and to the demands of their particular workday. In everything we do, we focus on simplifying contractors’ workloads, making it easier, faster and safer to get the job done.

With this ambition firmly in focus, we are proud to introduce a newly developed diamond segment for wall saw blades and drill bits – Z-EDGE. The Z-EDGE wall saw blades and drill bits will make a difference for contractors with heavy-duty demands.

“Thanks to the new and improved bond material and the diamond specifications, the Z-EDGE tools will be both sturdier and more dependable when comparing with previous generations. The cutting speed is a given, but thanks to the new segment shape, with these tools you’ll also achieve a smoother cut and a minimum of vibrations. This will also contribute to a decrease in the overall wear of the blade as well as the machine,”

says Steve Noiret, Director of Diamond Tools Product Management and R & D at Husqvarna Construction Products.


.600" tall Z-EDGE segment wall saw blades.

W 1510 Z Edge US

W 1510

For fast cutting in heavy steel reinforced walls.                                                

W 1515 Z-Edge

W 1515

For fast cutting in heavy steel reinforcements, with extended life.

W 1520 Z-Edge

W 1520

Longer-life blade for hard aggregate concrete/steel reinforcement.

Core Bit Z-Edge US & EMAL


Ultimate performance in core drill bits B 10 & B 1410:
The Z-EDGE drill series is available in diameters from 2" to 14". Faster drilling in flint, chert and hard aggregate with high steel reinforcement.



Thanks to the new and improved Z-shaped segments,  the contact between tool and material is optimized which leads  to a considerable decrease in friction and vibrations. The shape, together with improved bond and diamond specifications provide a smoother cut and prolonged service life as well as a reduction of the wear on the machine.
Z-Edge Segmants


For the Husqvarna Z-EDGE blades and drill bits, we’ve used our expertise and experience to design a product adapted for our users’ needs and requirements.
The new Z-shaped segment minimizes the friction of the segment’s contact with the material being cut, thus keeping vibrations to a minimum. When combined with the effect of the improved diamond specification and bond, the blade delivers a smoother cut as well as impressive performance. It will also minimize the wear on both the blade or drill bit and the machine.


The new segment geometry, together with the new diamond and metal bond specification, increases the sturdiness and life span, resulting in a longer operation time, with a continuously superior cut quality.
Our goal is to make it easier to work smarter, faster and to be more efficient. The Husqvarna Z-EDGE tools have been optimized to tackle even the toughest of jobs. Tools developed to give you the edge and keep you productive. Tools that keep it real – for the long run.
Z-edge Segments on blade 2