The new K 4000 all-round cutters - updated efficiency and serviceability


Improved and enhanced – the all-new K 4000 series of all-round cutters will bring increased efficiency and productivity to wet and dry cutting alike.

Technical specifications

Husqvarna K 4000

  • Rated current: 12/15/20A
  • Weight excl. cable and cutting equipment: 8.5 kg
  • Blade: 350 mm
  • Cutting depth: 125 mm

Husqvarna K 4000 Cut-n-Break

  • Rated current: 12/15/20A
  • Weight excl. cable and cutting equipment: 8.9 kg
  • Blade: 230 mm
  • Cutting depth: 400 mm

With the new K 4000 series of cutters Husqvarna has performed an upgrade on the much appreciated K 3000 series, adding a number of beneficial functions that will facilitate service as well as increase performance. However, the efficiency remains the same with user-friendly ergonomics and forward-rotating blades for minimum effort.

When it comes to quality, the K 4000 has been fitted with an improved engine as well as a more sturdy construction, providing both more reliable power and durable operation. The updated pop-up carbon brushes have been designed for long life while the overall serviceability has been vastly improved and made easy by features such as the one-piece inspection lid and Torx screws.

“With this update, we can provide users with a more efficient product, with increased quality in everything from motor output to machine durability. The new pop-up carbon brushes enables longer service intervals which contributes to an increased productivity and a better workday.” says Mattias Holmdahl, Global Product Manager, Power Cutters at Husqvarna Construction Products.

K 4000 comes in two model variants. A 14" which is easily adaptable for dry cutting with the Vac attachment accessory and a cut-n-break version.

Constant-flow water valve

Integrated regulator makes sure the water flow is perfected to bind dust without creating an excess of water.

High durability and low noise levels

The new K 4000 is sturdy and durable and provides a minimal power loss and low noise levels.

Easy serviceability

The one-piece inspection lid and the Torx screws make the K 4000 easy to assemble and service.

Overload protection

The Elgard™ system protects against overload by varying the rotation speed.

Designed for comfortable handling

The ergonomically designed rear handle and convenient placement of the power cable ensures easy, comfortable handling.


For more information, please contact:

Mattias Holmdahl, Product Manager
+46 (0) 31 94 90 15

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Project Manager
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