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  • 03 Oct 2017

    DXR Strikes Gold in Columbia!

    In a remote part of Colombia, surrounded by muddy waters and dense, humid jungle, there is an area full of tunnels into the Earth. These tunnels are owned by Operadora Minera S.A.S. and it is in these tunnels that 3.5 tons of gold are hauled out of per year. With the help of dynamite, rails and larg... Read more

  • 03 Oct 2017

    Enhancing the Beauty of Concrete Floors with Hiper 3

    With a PG 450 grinder, S 26 vacuum and a pre-stocked bucket containing all the pads and chemicals needed, DIY enthusiasts can transform concrete floors from dull to attractive. The easy-to-follow process ensures a smooth, shiny and aesthetically pleasing floor. The final, flat surface is also easy-t... Read more

  • 27 Mar 2017

    Ready to Pulverize Rock or Concrete with the New Husqvarna DC 200 Drum Cutter?

    Husqvarna introduces the DC 200 drum cutter, a new attachment for the DXR demolition robot product line.

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  • 07 Mar 2017

    Husqvarna Group to acquire HTC, strengthening its position in surface preparation

    Husqvarna Group’s Construction Division has signed an agreement to acquire the Floor Grinding Solutions Division of HTC Group AB, the market leader in floor grinding solutions. Read more

  • 31 Jan 2017

    Introducing dust and slurry management by Husqvarna – a better way of working

    Managing concrete dust and slurry in a safe, efficient and hassle-free way means taking care of operators, your business and the surrounding environment. Husqvarna Construction Products is proud to launch a new range of equipment for efficient dust and slurry management at the World of Concrete in L... Read more