This is Husqvarna Construction Finance

Simple. Easy. Smart.

Husqvarna Construction Finance offers financial solutions designed to meet the needs of professionals in the construction industry.

We understand the pressures faced by our customers, and this program was designed to make purchasing equipment and diamond tools easy, so you get what you need, when you need it.

Finance in five easy steps

Arrange financing through Husqvarna Construction Finance in five easy steps:

1. Quote acceptance

Once you are satisfied with the finance quote, we advise the third party finance company that you would like to arrange financing. 

2. Application taken

The third party finance company handles the application and will call you to complete it over the phone.

3. Decision communicated

A decision will generally be communicated to you within a number of hours if all required details are provided.

4. Contract

The finance contracts will be sent to your email address. Read and sign the documents as per the instructions in the contract

5. Equipment delivered

Once the signed contracts are received and the equipment is delivered, your finance payments begin.

What can you expect to pay?

Husqvarna Construction Finance offers fl exible purchasing solutions through a third party financing agreement.*

Below are several examples that show monthly payments on some of our most popular products. Please note that this is just for reference, accurate quotes will be provided at the time of inquiry.

   Product description Example List price 
(excluding taxes)
Diamond Tools 
(20% of Purchase)
Finance Amount Payment
per month
(36 months)
per month
(24 months)
per month
(12 months)
   PG 820 RC $43,160 $8,632 $51,792 $1,528 $2,248 $4,339
   FS 7000 D 3-SP 26" $42,646 $8,529 $51,175 $1,510 $2,222 $4,287
    Soff-Cut® 4000 $15,274 $3,054 $18,328 $541 $795 $1,535
    FS 3500 G 20" $18,800 $3,760 $22,560 $666 $980 $1,890


*Approval is subject to normal credit requirements. Terms and conditions apply. We do not provide financial advice. You should obtain your own financial advice on the tax and accounting treatment of any finance solution you choose.

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