• CS 2512

    965 15 62-01

    Wire speed gear 1, max
    65 ft/s
    Wire speed gear 2, max
    82 ft/s
    Net wire storage capacity
    52 ft
    • Large wire magazine
    • Flexible setup
    • Easy transportation
    • Smooth cutting

    Manufacturers list price

    $32,010.00 Excl Tax

  • CS 10

    966 56 57-01

    Net wire storage capacity
    32.8 ft
    Output power with WS 440 HF and PP 440 HF
    17 hp
    Output power with WS 482 HF and PP 480 HF
    25 hp
    Weight with WS 440 HF
    297 lbs
    • Easy handling
    • Highly efficient and flexible
    • User-friendly wireless remote control
    • Efficient product fleet

    Manufacturers list price

    $17,732.00 Excl Tax

Husqvarna wire sawing systems and diamond wires

Our premium-quality wire sawing systems are ideally designed for high productivity. They are flexible, powerful and easy to use, which helps you get the job done quickly and profitably – but still with great results.

Thanks to clever design that increases the friction between the wire and the drive wheel, your wire sawing becomes effortless and efficient. The modular pulley system can easily be adapted to a wide range of applications, so there is virtually no limit in terms of sawing depth or profile.

Also our diamond wires enable you to cut very complex structures, both in steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

Our range includes the powerful, compact and modular CS 2512 with hydraulic power and the flexible and easy-install CS 10 with high-frequency electric power. CS 10 can be combined with our wall saws WS 482 HF or WS 440 HF, forming a complete and capable wire and wall sawing system.

“The Husqvarna CS 2512 wire saw is very practical and I love working with it.”

Marcelo Conrado, SMART CUT, Brazil

CS10 testimonial from Philadelphia

"CS 10 is so portable and has so much power, you can do any job you need to get done."

Dan Reader, Concrete Cutting Systems, US


Vacuum-brazed wires are developed specifically for demanding applications like dry and wet cutting in reinforced concrete, and in solid or hollow steel. The vacuum technology enhances durability and performance. Vacuum technology uses active welding, one of the strongest welding methods, making for extra hard bonds and excellent diamond retention.
All of our professional range wires have the same yellow rubber. To distinguish between wire models an indicator ring is used and pierced with a number of holes that corresponds to the wire model. This means it’s easy to identify the wires, even when they are worn.

All Husqvarna diamond wires feature a yellow rubber bond. This provides increased lifetime through better adhesion to the core and beads, and also higher resistance to UV radiation. The visibility during underwater cutting operations is also improved.

Vacuum brazed wires

Highly efficient wires for cutting steel, alloy and heavily reinforced concrete. Vacuum-brazed diamond beads provide higher cutting speed and longer life than wires with electroplated/sintered beads. Ideal for both dry and wet cutting.

Sintered wires

Long-life wires for cutting concrete. The beads have a ring of sintered diamonds similar to the segments on diamond blades.

Electroplated wires

Designed for fast and precise cutting jobs in heavily reinforced concrete. The combination of high-quality electroplated beads and yellow injected synthetic rubber ensures excellent performance in demanding conditions such as underwater cutting.

Wire cutting of airplane

Check out how we can support difficult cutting applications through our Husqvarna Special Applications Team. This film features the cutting and recycling of an airplane in Holland.

Special applications - recycling

"The easy way of cutting with Husqvarna’s wire and the clean cut through all types of material and ­structure surprised us. We were very satisfied."

Patrick Huiberts, Aels, Netherlands

Special applications - recycling (testimonial)

Subsea cutting

Check out how we can support difficult cutting applications through our Husqvarna Special Applications Team. This film features advanced subsea cutting in Denmark.

Special applications - subsea cutting

"We contacted Husqvarna to get advice about cutting machines for diamond wires."

Kim Alfasten, J.A. Rederiet, Denmark

Special applications - subsea cutting (testimonial)

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We believe that local commitment and support, close to you when you need it, is key for maximum uptime and productivity. That’s why we are present in over 70 markets. Our skilled sales people, our service shops and service teams will help you to service your machines. If your machine is running, your business is running too.


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