Husqvarna HTC 270 EG

HTC 270 EG

HTC 270 EG is a professional edge grinding machine allowing you to grind and polish edges quickly, efficiently and in an ergonomic manner. Instead of working in an uncomfortable position, grinding edges with handheld equipment, this machine makes it possible to tackle edges just as any other part of the floor, standing upright and progressing fast. Every step of the grinding and polishing process can be followed by mounting the same tools under the HTC 270 edge grinder as under the main floor grinder. The high head pressure and ingenious design (which allows for both left and right edge grinding) has earned praise from floor grinding specialists around the world. Additionally the low grinding head height of only 100 mm, enables grinding under shelves or other low-hanging obstacles. The floating cover follows the floor at all times and transportation is easy thanks to the detachable chassis.

Article number : FLOOR GRINDER HTC 270 EG 2.2 kW | 1x220-240 V | 50-60 Hz | US - 967 83 87-08
$9,545.00 Excl Tax

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Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer)
2.9 hp
Rated input power
3 hp
Rated current
13 A
220-240 V
50-60 Hz


Grinding disc diameter
10.53 in
Direction of rotation
Both directions
Number of grinding discs


Product size length
40.2 in
Product size width
19.1 in
Product size height
32.4 in
226.6 lbs

Spare Parts

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