Husqvarna solutions for easy, efficient handling of concrete dust and slurry

Concrete dust and slurry can increase wear on your equipment and can also be hazardous if allowed to spread uncontrollably on the jobsite. The best way to deal with dust and slurry is to catch them directly at the source, and keep them in sealed containers before disposal. This reduces the risks of exposure as well as the need for extensive and time-consuming cleaning to finish the job.

By combining our expertise in concrete cutting, drilling and grinding with the foremost technology in dust and slurry management, Husqvarna possesses a unique ability to create integrated solutions for all applications. As we see it, being a progressive leader in equipment and diamond tools for concrete cutting, coring and grinding also means a great responsibility for us to provide you with easy-to-use solutions to handle the dust and slurry efficiently.


Five new product lines providing superior control

Taking care of dust and slurry in a smart and easy way means taking care of yourself, your equipment and your business. That’s why Husqvarna now presents a new range of efficient equipment to keep
concrete dust and slurry generated from cutting, drilling and grinding under control without compromising your productivity. Whether wet or dry jobs, we’ll make your workday easier – from start to finish.

High performance dust & slurry management

How to minimize your exposure to airborne dust

Concrete cutting, coring, grinding and demolition create a lot of dust. A combination of the following measures are some of the best ways to minimize your exposure to airborne dust particles at the jobsite.

Professional HEPA dust extractors and Air scrubbers

Classic dust collectors for wet and dry cutting, drilling and grinding jobs


Dust extractors

  • T 18000

    967 66 36-01

    Phases 3-ph
    Air requirement 710 cfm
    Rated input power 24.1 hp
  • T 10000

    967 66 37-01

    Phases 3-ph
    Air requirement 480 cfm
    Rated input power 16.9 hp
  • T 8600 Propane

    967 66 48-01

    Air requirement 410 cfm
  • T 8600

    967 66 42-01

    Phases 3-ph
    Air requirement 353 cfm
    Rated input power 11.5 hp
  • T 7500

    967 66 41-01

    Phases 3-ph
    Air requirement 353 cfm
    Rated input power 10.1 hp
  • S 36

    967 66 38-01

    Phases 1-ph
    Air requirement 285 cfm
    Rated input power 3.2 hp
  • S 26

    967 66 39-01

    Phases 1-ph
    Air requirement 258 cfm
    Rated input power 3.2 hp
  • S 13

    967 66 40-01

    Phases 1-ph
    Air requirement 129 cfm
    Rated input power 1.6 hp
  • DC 6000

    967 62 50-03

    Phases 3 ph
    Air requirement 406 cfm
    Rated input power 10.33 hp
    • 95% separation of dust
    • High productivity
    • Low noise and clean working environment
    • Easy to use
  • DC 3300

    965 19 60-16

    Phases 1 ph
    Air requirement 325 cfm
    Rated input power 4 hp
    • Efficient dust containment
    • Efficient vacuum units
    • Robust machine
    • Comprehensively tried and tested


Slurry vacuums

  • W 70 P

    967 66 47-01

    Phases 1-ph
    Air requirement 118 cfm
    Rated input power 1.6 hp

Air scrubbers

  • A 600

    967 66 44-01

    Phases 1-ph
    Air requirement 300/600 cfm
    Rated input power 0.5 hp
  • A 1200

    967 66 43-01

    Phases 1-ph
    Air requirement 600/1200 cfm
    Rated input power 0.8 hp

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