Tools and attachments for Husqvarna DXR remote demolition robots

For maximum utility, you can choose from a wide range of tools and attachments for your Husqvarna DXR demolition robot. The hydraulic breaker can be equipped with various types of chisels, and there are also sorting grapples, concrete crushers, metal shearer as well as buckets in various sizes. In order for you to add more jobs to your demolition business we are constantly working towards having new hydraulic tools for DXR’s in our range.



Steel shearers

  • DSS 200

    967 27 80-01

    Jaw opening, max 200 in
    Cutting force 8404 N
    Rotation angle 360 °
    Weight 408 lbs



  • MG 200

    586 74 30-01

    Jaw opening, min 0 in
    Jaw opening, max 27.4 in
    Rotation angle 360 °
    Weight 373 lbs
  • MG 100

    586 74 29-01

    Jaw opening, min 0 in
    Jaw opening, max 20.7 in
    Rotation angle 360 °
    Weight 220 lbs


Drum cutters

    • NEW

    DC 200

    583 80 70-01

    Rotation angle 360 °
    Weight 419 lbs
    • Versatile giving high productivity
    • Improved efficiency for operator
    • Low noise and vibration level
    • Precise with economic benefits

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