Husqvarna concrete coring drill stands

When drilling holes with more than 100 mm diameter, we recommend that you always use a stand and never try to drill by hand. If you have numerous holes to drill, a good drill stand could be the difference between excellent and average production rates.

Husqvarna drill stands are designed to be sturdy and stable, easy to transport, to anchor and set up. The drill motors are easily and safely attached with a specially designed coupling. Husqvarna stands come in two basic designs: The aluminum stands are strong yet lightweight and easy to transport. The gyro stands are easy to anchor and ideal for angled and stitch drilling.



Tiltable stands

    • NEW

    DS 900

    967 30 16-02

    Drill bit diameter, max 35.4 in
    Travel length, max 37.4 in
    • Robust and rigid stand
    • Modular stand
    • Flexible system with wall saw column
    • Easy to set up and use

    Manufacturers list price

    $4,200.00 Excl Tax
  • DS 800

    965 17 69-06

    Drill bit diameter, max 14 in
    Travel length, max 25.5 in

    Manufacturers list price

    $2,246.00 Excl Tax
  • DS 450

    966 82 98-08

    Drill bit diameter, max 17.72 in
    Travel length, max 25 in
    • Angle drilling
    • Straight and accurate drilling
    • Optimum feed speed
    • Quick mounting of drill motor

    Manufacturers list price

    $1,450.00 Excl Tax
  • DS 250

    966 82 73-02

    Drill bit diameter, max 9.84 in
    Travel length, max 26.97 in
    • Straight and accurate drilling
    • Angle drilling
    • Optimum feed speed
    • Vertical drilling

    Manufacturers list price

    $1,041.00 Excl Tax
  • DS 150

    966 82 72-02

    Drill bit diameter, max 6 in
    Travel length, max 19 in
    • Angle drilling
    • Straight and accurate drilling
    • User-friendly base plate
    • Channels, pipes and cables

    Manufacturers list price

    $825.00 Excl Tax



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