Diamond wires

Connector Crimps

  • Gold
Pressing tool, wire accessory
$1.70 Excl Tax

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Connector Crimps exists in multiple variants, find your perfect fit.

Connector Crimps

542 76 62-77
$1.70 Excl Tax

542 76 62-70
$63.00 Excl Tax

542 76 62-71
$63.00 Excl Tax

542 76 62-72
$155.00 Excl Tax

542 76 62-73
$945.00 Excl Tax

542 76 62-82
$1,065.00 Excl Tax


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Connector sleeve

Connector sleeve.
No Image Available

Connector sleeve

Connector sleeve.

Recommended Materials for Connector Crimps


  • Concrete

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