6.1 Overview

Great compliment for reducing ambient airborne dust.

Husqvarna always recommend the use of Air Cleaners as a complement for ambient airborne dust.
The red and yellow lights on the back of the machine is a simple and straight forward way of letting the operator know of the condition of the dust extractor.

- The yellow light indicates if the filter is clogged. Change the pre-filter and carefully clean the HEPA-filter with a HEPA equipped dust extractor. 
- The red light indicates that the dust extractor is not working correctly. This is accompanied by an alarm sound as well.

It is important to never clean the pre-filter as it can damage it, resulting in more dust getting in to the HEPA-filter. This will result in a shorter lifetime of the machine. 

Husqvarna Air cleaners are highly portable, the smaller air cleaner is perfect to be right alongside you during any application while the larger model on casters can be moved easily to create airflow throughout the working environment.

6.2 Setup

S 13, A 1200, K 3000 Vac

Use one or more air cleaners as a compliment for ambient airborne dust.

Air cleaner application

Use several air cleaners to control the air-flow around an area or room.

Air cleaner application

Create negative air pressure, perfect to capture from a single room renovation.

air cleaner application

Can be used to create negative air pressure for work with hazardous dust.