Husqvarna S 26: Learn all about our ecological and effective solution for oak processionary caterpillar

The oak processionary moth feeds and lives almost exclusively on oak trees. In late spring and early summer the caterpillars nest on trunks and large branches of the oak tree.

The Husqvarna S 26 vacuum can be used to deal with oak processionary caterpillar nests quickly and safely. This professional vacuum cleaner is equipped with an efficient filter system. The handy external collection bags (Longopac) guarantee that there is no contact between the caught caterpillars and the operator.

This technique is safe for the environment and ensures the removal of the oak processionary caterpillar and their nest completely safely without contact.



View the features of the S 26 single-phase vacuums

Powerful airflow, 3 stage filtration, and easy bag change, these features make the S 26 single phase vacuum ideal for removing oak processionary caterpillars from the trees.  Contact our team today to learn more.


Husqvarna S 26

Please visit the S 26 product page for more in depth information on specifications, features, manuals and everything else you might need to know about our single phase vacuum. 

S 26
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