3.1 Safe work area

Safe work area

Have a look around, for your safety and others.

Checklist before you start working:

Weather forecast

Avoid working in extremely bad weather. Heavy rain and strong winds could affect the power cutter’s performance, making it unsafe and dangerous for you to work.

Dangerous objects

Beware of pipes, electrical cables routed in the working area or in the material that you’re about to cut. Never cut into asbestos material.

15 m safety distance

Maintain a minimum of 15 metres safety distance from other people. Make sure that no people or objects can come into contact with the power cutter or be struck by parts thrown by the blade.

The work area

Make sure that nothing can affect your control of the machine, and that you have both sufficient working light and a firm foothold – especially on sloping ground. Never work in confined spaces with a petrol-driven power cutter.

3.2 Plan your work

Be one step ahead

Firstly, check that the blade will not come in contact with anything when you start the power cutter. Secondly, try to predict what’ll happen when the material is cut through to avoid unpleasant surprises and accidents.

Plan your work

3.3 Start the machine

How to start the machine?

Here’s how you start your power cutter properly, depending on if it’s cold or warm. Watch the video below or read the instructions.

Cold engine start:

  1. Press the air purge 4–6 times until the bulb is filled with fuel.
  2. Press the decompression valve to reduce the compression, which facilitate an easier start. The decompression valve automatically returns to its initial position after the machine has been started.
  3. Pull out the choke control. This will also put the throttle in high speed idle.
  4. Put your right foot in the rear handle and your left hand on the front handle.
  5. Pull the starter handle firmly with your right hand until you feel resistance. Then pull firmly and rapidly. Don’t pull the starter cord all the way out, as this can damage the power cutter. Also, never twist the starter cord around your hand.
  6. When the engine starts, press the choke control in (otherwise the engine will stop).
  7. Push full throttle to disengage the start throttle and the machine will idle.

Warm engine start:

  1. Press the decompression valve.
  2. Pull the choke control out and then press it in again. This puts the throttle in high speed idle and you can start without choke.
  3. Start the power cutter as described for cold engine start.