1.1 Introduction

This user guide shows the most important aspects of safety, ergonomic and productive cutting and works as a complement to the operator's manual. We recommend that you read the operator's manual thoroughly before using the power cutter. Training is essential for using a power cutter. Use your common sense at all times. If you’re feeling uncertain in any situation, don’t hesitate to consult us. Also very important: never work with the power cutter if you are not physically able or understand how to use the machine.

1.2 Overview power cutters

Customer in focus power cutters
Husqvarna has the widest range of handheld power cutters on the market, containing no less than 20 different models, with cutting depths up to 450 mm. Regardless of your preferred power source, petrol, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, Husqvarna provide the machines and different cutting techniques.

1.3 Overview diamond tools


Husqvarna Gold level diamond blades are developed for specialist contractors. Made for intensive professional use in specialist applications. Provides maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy jobs.


Husqvarna Silver level diamond blades are developed for general contractors. Made for professional use in all-round applications. Provides high cutting speed and wear resistance in all cutting operations.


Husqvarna Bronze level diamond blades are developed for occasional users. Made to provide a good balance between ease of use, product quality, durability and affordability in all common cutting applications.

1.4 Overview accessories

PC Accessories Overview
To increase productivity and safety to the power cutters, Husqvarna provides a range of accessories that are tailor made for each machine.