6.1 Design solutions

Design solutions that makes a perfect power cutter

Our power cutters help you stay efficient at all times – without wearing yourself out. Watch the video above or read about the main ergonomic solutions for our machines.
  1. Our power cutters have a well-balanced design and a great power-to-weight-ratio that make your work less strenuous.
  2. A shoulder width distance between the handles gives you a natural position to lift and hold the machine.
  3. The centre of gravity is between the handles, which facilitates the handling of the machine. Especially when you’re carrying out horizontal cutting.
  4. Thanks to the optimal distance between the handles, little force is needed during vertical cutting.
  5. Power cutters that have a much shorter distance between the handles require more force, which makes cutting more strenuous.

6.2 Vibrations

Low vibrations keep you highly productive

By separating the tank and handles from the engine and blade with carefully tuned anti vibration elements, we have managed to keep the vibrations in the handles at very low levels.

Many of our power cutters, such as the K 760, have vibrations below 2.5 m/s², which means that you can use the machines for a full day without any restrictions.

The low vibrations spare your arms and hands, minimising the risk of you getting HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome), which was previously known as “white fingers”.
Vibrations Video

All our power cutters have effective anti-vibration systems that allow you to work comfortably and efficiently – even during longer shifts.