7.1 Water solutions

7.2 Dust collection solutions

Portable, powerful dust collection

If using water is not an option on the site, the cutting equipment should be used with an integrated dust collection device that captures dust directly at the source. This device should be connected to a dust extractor with the appropriate airflow and capacity for the application, and be equipped with HEPA H13 filters. When cleaning the work area, use a scraper instead of a broom to clean the floor. Always use a dust extractor equipped with HEPA H13 filters when vacuum-cleaning.

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Attachable, effective dust collection

The Vac attachment for the K 4000 models gives you unbeatable dust collection and allows cutting without water. The vacuum unit is easy to install and remove thanks to its quick connection.

7.3 X-Torq® engine technology

More power, less fuel and emissions

X-Torq® is our patented technology for powerful, fuel-efficient engines with impressively low exhaust emissions. These light and durable engines require a minimum of maintenance and service.