• 1. Introduction

    This user guide shows the most important aspects of safe, ergonomic and productive cutting and works as a complement to the operator’s manual. We recommend that you read the operator’s manual thoroughly before using the power cutter.
  • 2. Preparation

    Although we’re actively working on how to make our machines even safer, it’s always important that you’re properly dressed when you’re working with a power cutter. This is what you should wear.
  • 3. Start working

    Have a look around, for your safety and others. Weather forecast. Avoid working in extremely bad weather. Heavy rain and strong winds could affect the power cutter’s performance, making it unsafe and dangerous for you to work. Beware of...
  • 4. Cutting

    Hold the rear handle with your right hand and the front handle with your left hand. Keep a firm grip with thumbs and fingers encircling both handles. Adjust the blade guard so that the rear section is flush with the work piece. This is to...
  • 5. Maintenance

    These are the most important parts of your power cutter to inspect, to find out if any parts need to be tightened, cleaned, repaired or replaced.
  • 6. Ergonomics

    Our power cutters help you stay efficient at all times – without wearing yourself out. Watch the video above or read about the main ergonomic solutions for our machines. Our power cutters have a well-balanced design and a great...
  • 7. Environment

    DEX is our comprehensive Dust Extinguisher System, which consists of solutions and products that allow you to work efficiently at all times – without creating a mess of water, slurry and dust around you.