Husqvarna K 30

K 30

Powerful and reliable air-powered industrial cutters, perfect for use indoors or outdoors with access to compressed air. They feature a long, slimline body, with good weight distribution and fine balance laterally and between the handles. An air-powered Husqvarna cutter is also a convenient alternative for working outdoors where the air change rate is low, such as in pipeline trenches, in deep foundation sites and on marine docks.

  • Cutting depth, max
    100 mm
  • Blade diameter, max
    300 mm

Daily exposure A(8) m/s2
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Article number :
POWER CUTTER K 30 3.1 hp | 300 mm | 0.8" - 968 37 42-01


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K 30

Perfect for use indoor and at low air change rate places

Air-powered cutters are perfect for use indoors and outdoors in places where the air-change rate is low, such as in pipeline trenches.
Power Cutter

Blocks, curbstones and pavers

Cutting building blocks, curbstones and garden pavers.

Cast concrete

Cutting cast concrete.
K 760 Cut-n-Break

Pneumatic motor lubrication

An oil mist lubricates the motor.
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