Husqvarna HTC D80


HTC D80 is a large dust extractor especially suitable for heavy coating removal (floor preparation) and large flooring projects in combination with large size grinders (size 8 and above). HTC D80 is equipped with a high-performing integrated pre-separator that removes up to 95% of the dust and increases filter lifetime. The HTC D80 dust extractor can be used in various ways depending on your setup. For maximum efficiency and output we recommend a remote-controlled grinder. If you use a traditional grinder without remote control you can still benefit from the double Longopac® or make use of the optional remote control to turn on and off the dust extractor from a distance.

  • Φάσεις
    3 ph
  • Ροή αέρα
    700 m³/h
  • Βάρος
    272 kg
Κωδικός είδους : DUST EXTRACTOR HTC D80 7.5 kW | 3x380-415 V | 50-60 Hz | EU - 967 83 90-12

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3 ph
Τάση, V
415 V
Ρεύμα, Α
16.7 A


Ροή αέρα
700 m³/h


Μήκος προϊόντος
1170 mm
Πλάτος προϊόντος
800 mm
Ύψος προϊόντος
1730 mm
272 kg


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