Rescuing Stockholm's old town


Located on the coastline where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea, Sweden’s capital is sometimes referred to as “Venice of the North”. And, just like the Italian city, many of the 17th century buildings in the Old Town of Stockholm are also suffering from poor foundation conditions, slowly sinking into deep clay.

A huge rescue project is currently underway, where steel structures are being used to replace the decaying wooden poles that originally supported the centuries-old granite ground walls. Stitch-drilling the large fixing notches for these structures in this granite, without causing any damage to the old buildings, is a challenging task for manager Janne Hölttä and his team at Krügerin AB. They find themselves working against the clock in dark, narrow 17th century basements, kneeling under low, vaulted ceilings with groundwater leaking through the wall.

Luckily, an optimized version of Husqvarna’s D 1410 drill bits helps to speed up the work.

“Each operator normally drills 6 to 8 holes a day, but with these Husqvarna bits we can almost double that” says team leader Aliaksandr Nikanau.

Anchoring the drill stands without damaging the vaulted brick ceilings was another challenge, solved by a specially-developed drill stand that was designed by Husqvarna’s application engineer Andreas Gustafsson.

“We asked the competitors too, but they couldn’t make it” says Janne Hölttä.

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