Heat protection attachment kit – DXR Machines (P3)

Heating package, P3

When the Heat protection package (P3) is ordered pre-installed from factory, it holds all the benefits of the Cooling package (P2) and the Hydraulic feature package (P1), and also contains steel tracks, steel feet, heat protected hydraulic hoses, fire-resistant hydraulic oil and compressed air hose to breaker. The Heat protection package allows your DXR to be used for de-slagging in hot melting plants and similar applications. It protects vital parts from damage caused by radiant heating as well as conduction heating. If you want to work efficiently with DXR in process industry and kilns with high radiation and convection heat – this package is the choice for you. When the Heat protection package is ordered as an after market accessory, it does not include the Cooling package and the Additional feature package nor the fire-resistant hydraulic oil. Compatible with DXR 270, DXR 300 and DXR 310.

Article number : ATTACHMENT KIT Heat Package | DXR 310 - 586 70 29-01

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