New Husqvarna DC 6000 - user-friendly with greater performance and higher efficiency


The new DC 6000 is more automated, thus enabling the operator to grind non-stop and keep a better focus on the result.

”With the functions of the new gate valve, the cyclone with dust is auto-dumped every three minutes. This prevents overfilling and saves time for the user”, says Joakim Leff-Hallstein, Global Product Manager Floor Grinding, Husqvarna Construction Products.

In addition, DC 6000 comes with an improved filter which enhances cleaning and keeps a continuous air flow over time.

Another update on the dust collector are the cones on the cyclone and filter units. The cones ensure that the dust remains in the bag after being dumped. It is also easy to see how full the dust collector is while operating.

Also, DC 6000 has an improved raise and lower functionality. It is now a one man operation to lower and raise the unit, with a rail attached to the lower frame and bearings attached to the upper frame.

“All the updates combined mean higher efficiency and significantly less dust on the floor and in the air, which
saves time but also contributes to a more healthy environment for the users. I am sure that the new version of our DC 6000 will receive a warm welcome on the market”, concludes Joakim Leff-Hallstein.

Technical specifications DC 6000

  • Power output: 5.75 kW 
  • Rated current: 16 A 
  • Voltage: 400 V 
  • Phases: 3 
  • Weight: 305 kg 
  • Product size: 1252 x 766 x 1899 mm 
  • Max. airflow: 700 m3/h 
  • Max. vacuum: 420 mbar 
  • The new system matches the highly productive grinding machines Husqvarna PG 820 RC, Husqvarna PG 820, Husqvarna PG 680 RC, Husqvarna PG 680 and Husqvarna PG 530 (3-phase).

Main benefits

  • Self-opening gate valve
    - Auto-dumping of dust that prevents overfilling.
    - Improved filter cleaning.
    - Greater perfomance with continuous air flow over time. 
  • New HEPA 13 filter
    - Improved U-shaped gasket on filter for more accurate sealing. 
  • Cones on the cyclone and filter
    - Gives increased performance and cleaner filter since the dust does not travel back to the the filter/cyclone and is dumped into the bag. 
  • Improved transport position
    - Easy raise and lower function with added rails and bearings.
    - Stronger gas spring load enables easier raising.
DC 6000 Gate valve

Press Manager

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Acting Vice President Marketing for Husqvarna Construction Products
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