Diamond Tools on demand


Introducing the new Husqvarna Diamond Tooling facility 

Diamond Tools on demand

At Husqvarna, we’re committed to providing exceptional support, superior service and high-quality machinery to professionals for success in the construction industry. We understand the various challenges that workers on job sites around the country face and recognise that high availability and fast delivery of tools and support can play a critical role in meeting such demands. That’s why Husqvarna has a local diamond tool facility in Australia, ready to urgently distribute, repair, produce special makes and even deliver diamond tools on demand just when you need them.



Diamond tools provide immense benefit to the construction industry due to their superior cutting capabilities, enhanced performance and durability, therefore, making them a more economical tool overan extended period of time in comparison to non-diamond counterparts. At Husqvarna, we manufacture and supply professional contractors within the field of construction with a vast assortment of diamond blades and diamond tools for cutting a substantial amount of non-ferrous materials or other applications such as polishing and drilling.


Despite the durability and superior cutting capabilities that diamond tools provide, it is inevitable that they may need replacing at some stage as a result of being consumed in the process of cutting, drilling or polishing, or through damage or misplacement. When such mishaps do occur it can place great stress on workers to successfully complete their tasks or satisfy project deadlines. Not to mention, some jobs on the construction site may have customised diamond tools optimised for cutting to customised specifications, which can be potentially difficult to source when something unexpectedly goes wrong.


As the experts in diamond tools, we have established a localised facility within Australia ready to react to customer demands and unexpected job site calamities. Our diamond tool facility holds a range of core diamond bits of various diameters and up to 2m long on site, ready to the customer in a 24 to 48-hour time frame. Whether small diameter core bits of 16-250 millimetre lengths or standard length diamond core bits of 500 millimetres – over 1 metre in diameter are required, construction professionals can be certain to receive the necessary equipment to power their tools and minimise delays in no time. Customers can also choose the necessary segment bond specific to their requirements or application.


Our Husqvarna diamond experts also offer services to repair blades of up to 2 metres in size and replace lost or damaged segments within a suitable time frame. Additionally, our diamond facility has the ability to auto-braze and re-tension blades up to 2m in diameter and even produce and manufacture customised blades optimised for specific applications.


As the world-leading manufacturer of diamond tools, we have a long tradition of working closely with our construction customers on site, allowing us to develop customised services that meet their needs. Whether professionals need to source various diamond tools on demand such as core bits, road saw blades, wall saw blades, hand saw and ring saw blades, diamond blades for early entry sawing or any other application, Husqvarna has the ability to quickly distribute, repair and manufacture the materials needed to get the job up and running.

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