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  • 05 Jul 2018

    Top Maintenance Tips to Care for your Power Packs

    Learn the best prractices for taking care of your Husqvarna Power Packs, in order to get the best out of each and every use for longer. Read more

  • 05 Jun 2018

    Diamond Tools on demand

    Introducing the new Husqvarna Diamond Tooling facility  Read more

  • 04 Jun 2018

    KCC Limited FS7000DL Testimonial Wellington NZ

    Wellington based KCC Limited are the specialists when it comes to concrete cutting and boring particularly in the area of earthquake strengthening and deconstruction.

    Read more

  • 27 Apr 2018

    “We want to create something new that benefits the entire business”

    Ever since Henric Andersson took over the reins of the Husqvarna Construction Division in 2015, growth has been a constant. Revenue for 2017 was SEK 5 bn (USD 650 m), or, if the most recent acquisitions are included, SEK 5.7 bn – an increase of almost 50 % on 2014. We spoke to Henric about what is u... Read more

  • 05 Apr 2018

    The new K 4000 all-round cutters - updated efficiency and serviceability

    Improved and enhanced – the all-new K 4000 series of all-round cutters will bring increased efficiency and productivity to wet and dry cutting alike. Read more