Tools for surface preparation

Husqvarna Construction tool guide

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Grinding tools

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Redi Lock segment, G 1410, Grit 20, Orange

As part of the Gold category, the Elite-Grind G 1400 series has been developed for intense professional use in specialist applications. Products from the Gold category provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy grinding.

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Redi Lock segment, G624 S-S 30F

As part of the Silver category, the Vari-Grind series has been developed for professional use in all-round applications. Products from the Silver category provide high cutting speed and wear resistance in all grinding.

Products in VARI-GRIND G 600
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Redi Lock segment, G 200
G 200 Redi Lock
Products in G 200 Redi Lock

Polishing pads

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P 1200

The series was developed to help you reach a maximum gloss in fewer steps. This saves time, tooling, and delivers better results. The 6.5 mm diamond height and a lower wear-out rate ensure good durability. Available in grit sizes 50 to 3000, and for both PG model series and handheld machines.

These tools are highly recommended for use with Hiperhard™ floor densifier/hardener in the HIPERFLOOR® concrete polishing system.

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P1280 Wet Resin Polishing Pads
P 1280
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P 1100
P 1100
Products in P 1100
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CP 1200
CP 1200

The harder bond delivers high durability, for longer life in abrasive conditions.

Specified for our patented HIPERFLOOR® industrial method, these highly durable tools deliver reduced tooling cost per square foot.

The tools in this series are for use with Husqvarna’s PG model series.

Products in CP 1200
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Hiperflex FP80 7

With its flexible backing system which follows the floor imperfections and reaches the low spots, the HiperFlex polishing pads evolves to perform more and demand less. The pads are easy to place on the plates.

The HiperFlex series is easier to use and gives better results compare to the P 1200 series. In other words, HiperFlex is a better product.
The HiperFlex pads are available in both dry and wet versions.

Products in HiperFlex
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2.5 Transitions Post Pads
Transitional Pads
Products in Transitional Pads

Floor treatment products

GM 3000
Floor treatment products
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