Husqvarna Construction tool guide

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Diamond drill bit series

  • Gold

D 1400 Elite-Drill tools are recommended for drill stand drilling applications, from soft concrete to very heavy reinforced hard concrete.

Elite-Drill features Diagrip™, a revolutionary technique for manufacturing segments. It ensures that the diamonds are distributed evenly through the material, so they are exposed and expended at an even rate, for maximum efficiency. One of the greatest benefits of Diagrip™ is how quickly and smoothly the diamond tools drill through the toughest, hardest concrete. They give you excellent performance, in relation to cost.

Products in ELITE-DRILL D 1400
  • Silver

Vari-Drill diamond tools for drilling are for use in a wide range of materials, including hard, medium, soft and abrasive concrete, asphalt, brick and concrete blocks.

The category offers a good balance between cost and performance, for professionals who drill less frequently.

Husqvarna’s Vari-Drill diamond drill bits can be used with most Husqvarna drill motors.