1.1 Introduction

Get inspired and learn how to work as clean and efficient as possible, in any given situation.

Introduction to dust & slurry management

A clean working environment has always been important in our product development, it is a key factor that leads to a safe and sustainable future in the construction industry. Now we have taken this approach one step further by introducing the comprehensive Dust and Slurry User Guide. This digital guide to dust and slurry management is a complement to the operation manuals. It’s a useful source of information for both full-time users and those who use dust extractors less frequently.

The range consists of five lines of dust and slurry extractors, from air cleaners in the A-line to heavy duty dust extractors for dry cutting in the T-, S- and C-line and slurry extractors for any type of wet cutting or spillage clean-ups in the W-line. For maximum productivity and for the cleanest result in your working environment, choose the optimal configuration for your kind of operation.


Taking care of dust and slurry in a smart and easy way means taking care of yourself, your equipment your business and those around you. Husqvarnas range of efficient equipment to keep dust and slurry generated by cutting, drilling, and grinding under control without compromising your productivity. Whether wet or dry applications your workday will become easier with the right equipment

1.2 Product lineup

Dust and slurry can increase wear on your equipment and be hazardous if allowed to spread over a job site. The best way to deal with dust and slurry is by catching it at the source with an appropriately powered vacuum.  By combining Husqvarna’s expertise in concrete cutting, sawing, drilling and grinding Husqvarna possesses a unique ability to offer integrated solutions for all dust and slurry application.