5.1 General overview

Powerful HEPA dust extractors to match anything from handheld power tools to heavy duty work.

General overview

As a responsible operator you are not only responsible for your own safety when using equipment that generates dust but also for those working around you.
The key to good dust management is to ensure you are using a sufficiently powered vacuum for the application you are undertaking and to catch the dust as close as possible to the generating source.


5.2 Power Cutters

When using a power cutter with Vac attachment make sure to use the appropriate Dust Extractor according to the Power Cutters Operators manual. Always ensure proper ventilation when working in confined areas.
With Husqvarna K 770 Vac you get the power and proven qualities of the lightweight K 770 power cutter while adding the benefit of dust extraction. By connecting a dust extractor to the integrated 2” hose dust is immediately dealt with. This will help ensure operator safety and at the same time give you a slurry-free workspace. Minimizing the need  for cleaning or preparing the worksite.
The ideal way to get the most out of K 770 Vac is to combine it with Husqvarna S26 dust extractor. S 26 is a powerful single-phase HEPA dust extractor, equipped with two tested and certifies HEPA 13 filters. Its features include Jet Pulse filter cleaning, hour counter and vacuum meter for filter control. The Longopac bag hose system ensures simple, dust free bag changes. 

Ensure proper ventilation when working in trenches or other confined areas.

Professional dust extractor suitable for building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust.

5.3 Small Floor Grinders

Single phase HEPA dust extractor. Perfect for small floor grinders.

The C-line is series of effective industrial pre-separators are for really big jobs where a lot of dust is produced. Recommended as a supplement to your Husqvarna dust extractor. A C-line separator collects up to 90% of the vacuumed material before it reaches the dust extractor, which greatly increases the suction capacity, extends motor life and significantly reduces the frequency of filter maintenance, thus giving you longer operation without interruption. The C 3000 is suited to the S 26 and S 36 when connected to small power grinders, scarifiers and shotblasters.

5.4 Large Floor Grinders

Using a pre-separator enhances the dust extractor’s capacity to handle material that would normally be considered difficult to manage such as soot, carbon and light material in large quantities. The Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes, without exposing you the operator to the extracted material. The C5500 is suited to all T Line vacuums when connected to large grinders, shavers, shot blaster and flat saws.