5.1 The unique remote control

DXR user guide - The unique remote control
Remote control

The DXR Remote is light weight with high capacity battery. The remote offers two-way communication, is intuitive and very easy to use, even without long experience. The colour display gives the operators good overview of all parameters of the machine. It's very easy to change parameters, like response time and language, thanks to the feedback the display shows the operator.

The color display gives the operators good overview of all parameters of the machine. It’s very easy to change parameters, like respons time and language, to give you operations according to your preference.

The ergonomic harness makes it really easy for you to take the remote on and off. It also allows for longer work periods without strain.

5.2 Run external tools

DXR user guide - Run external tools

All DXR robots can be used as a power pack to power external hydraulic tool like hand saws and drilling motors.

External tool makes it easy for the operator to adjust pressure and flow to the external connected tool. Select correct pressure and flow to the external tool and press activate to power up the tool.

5.3 Crawl mode

DXR user guide - Crawl mode
Climb with crawl mode

All DXR´s can be run in two different operating modes, work and transport. There’s also three different sub modes; one hand, two hand and crawl mode. The different modes let you get different functionality on the controls of the remote to simplify the work you are performing. Crawl mode is used when you want to get up a steep pile of debris or similar and lets you control the arm at the same time that you drive the machine forward. This way you can use the arm to assist you pulling the DXR up while driving it forward.

5.4 One-hand transport

DXR user guide - One handed transport
One-handed transport

All DXR's can be run in two different operating modes, work and transport. There's also three different sub modes; one hand, two hand and crawl mode. The different modes let you get different functionality on the controls of the remote to simplify the work you are performing. Putting the DXR in transport mode gives easier transport to and from work site, since you can then use one hand to drive the machine. This gives you one hand free to move cables or do other things while driving the robot.

5.5 Dust reduction kit

DXR user guide - Dust Reduction Kit

The dust reduction kit used on Husqvarna DXR's binds dust with water and greatly reduces the amount of dust particles in the air.

5.6 Individually controlled outriggers

DXR user guide - Individually controlled outriggers
Individually controlled outriggers

All DXR´s (equipped with dozer blades) have individually controlled outriggers, perfect for positioning the machine on uneven surfaces and in confined spaces. This combined with a large footprint provides superior stability enabling high workload on various surfaces.

5.7 Joystick pattern setup

DXR user guide - Joystick pattern setup
Choose the perfect joystick setup

The joystick pattern changes the operation of the remote control. There are three different patterns that the operator can choose between. If the default mode, excavator, doesn’t meet the operators expectations, easily change to any of the other modes.

5.8 Adjustable tools

DXR user guide - Adjustable tools
Easily adjustable tools

The intuitive menu on the remote let’s you easily adjust the settings needed to fit with the working tool you are using.

All standard tools that we offer for DXR have a matching software, pressure and flow that has been set by us to match the manufacturers recommendations. Tuning of tool can easily be adjusted by the operator, this enables easy usage of non standard tools together with DXR.

!CAUTION! Please read the operator's manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine. You should also read and understand the manual that accompanies the tool. Ensure that the tool’s and the machine’s performance (weight, hydraulic pressure, flow etc) are compatible.

The machine may only be used with tools or accessories marketed by Husqvarna.

5.9 Confined spaces

DXR user guide - Confined spaces
Perfect for confined spaces

The DXR´s are designed to be easily manouvered in confined spaces. The individually controlled outriggers are perfect for getting the machine stable even in tight places.

5.10 Track wideners

DXR user guide - Track wideners
Get increased stability by using track wideners

If you need more stability to drive the machine over uneven surfaces a good option can be to use track wideners. The 200-300 series machine can be equipped with track wideners and this video will show how easy and quick it is to mount and dismount them.

It’s possible to adjust the tracks from the standard wide 780mm/31 inch to 1110mm/44inch.

5.11 Automatic track tensioning

DXR user guide - Automatic track tensioning

The tension of the tracks is continuously changing during the life of the tracks and the use of the machine. Having correct track tensioning is important for the service life of the tracks. To save you time adjusting the tension, and money in worn tracks, all DXR's feature automatic track tensioning. This is how you easily and quickly tension the tracks of your DXR.

Tensioning the tracks:

  • Lower the outriggers/dozer blades. Let the machine rest on its outriggers/dozer blades.
  • Remove the inspection door. (DXR270, DXR300, DXR310)
  • Pull out the valve and rotate it a quarter turn to lock it in open position.
  • Slide the tensioning wheel towards the center.
  • Rotate and release the valve back into position.
Automatic track tensioning can be done in two different ways.

  1. In the service menu under the tab “Track tension” the tracks can be tensioned automatically. Hold the selection key down to activate the track tension.
  2. The caterpillar tracks are tensioned automatically when the outriggers/dozer blades are raised.
For more information about Service and Maintenance on Track Tension, please click on the following link to the DXR manual.

5.12 Service controller

DXR user guide - Service controller
Backup remote for critical jobs

When you take your DXR to a job site where time is short and keeping the deadline is a must, consider that things does not always go as planned. For applications like these it is a good idea to make sure you can always move the DXR from the worksite even if something unplanned for happens, like if you misplace the remote control. A good idea is then to get a service controller as a backup, making sure that you can always get out before the next phase in the work needs to start, i.e. in a melting furnace. If you have more than one DXR this is an even better investment as this accessory fits all DXR´s. The service controller can not be used for working with the machine but only for transportation.

This is how you connect the service controller to your DXR.