Tight deadline required Husqvarna robot


The drilling and demolition company Göteborgs Rivteam in Gothenburg, Sweden, needed to shift into second gear when demolishing the floor of a large industrial building. For best result - they turned to Husqvarna. "The DXR 300 demolition robot really helped us make our deadline", says Jimmy Johansson at Göteborgs Rivteam.

In a large industrial building in Arendal on the Gothenburg island of Hisingen, a 13, 000 square metre concrete floor was to be demolished. The contractor Göteborgs Rivteam was given a very short deadline – the floor needed to be gone in eight weeks. 

”We already had one demolition robot assigned for the job, but soon understood that we needed an additional unit to be able to meet our deadline”, says Jimmy Johansson, who works as a foreman at Göteborgs Rivteam. 

They turned to Husqvarna, who provided them with a DXR 300 demolition robot equipped with Atlas Copco’s SB 302 hydraulic breaker, a powerful combination with the knocking force needed to work through the hard, 15-25 centimeter thick fiber-reinforced concrete. DXR 300 was smaller than the other robot, but ideal to use near walls and pillars.

”It fitted our needs great. Sure, a larger machine could have provided even higher output, but they are also bigger and more clumsy to work with. DXR 300 delivers excellent power for its size, and it’s so easy to handle”, says Jimmy Johansson and continues: ”Husqvarna Construction provides great service, we feel safe using their machines since we know that if something goes wrong, help is always just a phone call away”.

Gives great value

Micke Dahl, Global Product Specialist at Husqvarna Construction Products, says that customers often praise DXR 300 for its versatility.

”It can be used in almost any kind of demolition, which is not the case with bigger robots that are mostly suited for special projects. When a company buys a DXR 300 they use it continuously on site after site, which means you get great value on your investment. The excellent power-to-weight ratio of DXR 300 also makes the machine easy to use in a wide range of places at a demolition site.” 

”A larger demolition robot can mostly be used on ground floors, but the DXR 300 can easily be lifted for use on higher levels in a building”, says Micke Dahl.

Met the deadline

On the Arendal working site, the Husqvarna machine also proved to be the most reliable. 

”Yeah, the other machine broke down and had to be towed away during the final stretch, so we had to work double shifts in the end, only using DXR 300, it was quite intense”, says Jimmy Johansson. 

In total, he says that DXR 300 was in use for about 550 hours working the floors in Arendal, and since they bought the machine after having worked for a couple of weeks, that equals a 90 hour work week. 

That’s extremely high usage, and the machine worked flawlessly all the way through. So, did Göteborgs Rivteam meet their eight week deadline?

”For a while I was actually worried, for a demolition of this massive scale the schedule was very tight. But we take pride in always delivering on time, so by working for 22 hours straight on the last day, we absolutely met the deadline”, says Jimmy Johansson with a grin.
Husqvarna’s DXR 300 can be used in a wide range of demolition projects.

Husqvarna’s DXR 300 can be used in a wide range of demolition projects.

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