New Husqvarna PG 680 RC with unique oscillation function for greater productivity


Husqvarna can now present a brand new floor grinder – Husqvarna PG 680 RC – with a unique oscillation function. This allows the operator to mimic manual operation movements for higher efficiency and greater productivity. At the same time, PG 680 RC is flexible and fits through a standard door opening.

“From just recently, the oscillation is a new function for all Husqvarna’s remote controlled floor grinders. With it, the user achieves the best possible grinding pattern by adjusting amplitude and frequency. It also gives a flatter floor by eliminating so called ridges otherwise created between passes. At the same time, the oscillation function saves time for the operator, as you only have to go over the floor once with the machine, instead of using the cross hatching technique”, says Joakim Leff-Hallstein, Global Product Manager Floor Grinding, Husqvarna Construction Products. 

Another advantage with oscillation is that you get a broader sweep of the grinder when operating and this reduces ridging on soft floors. The remote control function that comes with PG 680 RC can also be tailored to different surfaces to achieve superior results. 

Of course, PG 680 RC comes with a lot of the advantages of the already existing, best in class, PG 820 RC, PG 820 and PG 680. 

The fact that the new PG 680 RC has a 680 millimeter grinding width and easily fits through a standard door opening, facilitates the work for the operator a great deal. 

“Together with the oscillation function and the remote control, one can reach really high efficiency. And – in the long run – the gain is increased productivity and profit for the user”, says Joakim Leff-Hallstein.  

PG 680 RC also comes with Dual Drive Technology™ and is one of the market’s most efficient machines that can be optimised for each application. It is an excellent choice for concrete floor preparation and repair as well as all polishing and grinding applications – both wet and dry. It is also perfect for HiPERFLOOR® concrete floor polishing system.

Technical specifications PG 680 RC

  • Power: 13.0 kW 
  • Voltage: 400 V 
  • Rated current: 32 A 
  • Power supply: 3-phase 
  • Grinding width: 680 mm 
  • Grinding pressure (total): 269 kg 
  • Grinding disc speed: 250–1100 rpm 
  • Weight (support wheel included): 498 kg

Main benefits PG 680 RC

  • Oscillation function. Allows the operator to mimic manual operation movements. Gives best possible grinding pattern by adjusting amplitude and frequency. Gives a flatter floor by eliminating so called ridges. 
  • Can easily get through a standard door opening. 
  • Increased productivity. Higher output as optimum grinding parameters can be maintained over time. More grinding hours per day since one person can operate and prepare the next steps simultaneously. 
  • Consistent and better grinding performance with parameter settings. 
  • Ergonomic operation. Operator is not exposed to vibrations and sideway forces of the machine. 
  • User friendly. Intuitive display with two-way communication with machine. 
  • Effortless transportation and loading/unloading with integrated battery. 
  • Dual Drive Technology™.
PG 680 RC

Press Manager

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Acting Vice President Marketing for Husqvarna Construction Products
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