Husqvarna WSC 40 - new, unique wall saw chain attachment with high precision


Husqvarna now introduces a new and unique wall saw chain attachment designed to be combined with Husqvarna wall sawing systems WS 482 HF and WS 440 HF. With WSC 40, you can cut small openings with high precision and avoid overcutting. At the same time, flush cutting in tight places is possible.

“WSC 40 makes it possible to cut precise corners without changing to a handheld cutter. This adds to the flexibility for the user”, says Botilda Hellberg, Global Product Manager Construction Equipment,  Husqvarna Construction Products.

The precision of WSC 40, when cutting in concrete and other building materials, is indispensable when you need the result to be neat and accurate. The wall saw chain attachment, complete with bar and chain, is also perfect for flush cutting, for example cutting close to the floor, ceiling or wall. You don’t have to switch to a handheld cutter, which normally is the case, but can keep working in a safer, more ergonomic way.

“Completing your arsenal of sawing systems with WSC 40 is essential if you want an all-round system that works efficiently and precisely on every type of job – small or big”, says Botilda Hellberg. 

Technical specifications WSC 40

  • Chain speed: 28 m/s (chain tip 34 m/s) 
  • Weight: 17.8 kg (Standard cutting, including bar and chain. Guards excluded.) 
  • Max cutting depth: 400 mm 
  • Max straight cutting depth: 300 mm 
  • Min cutting width: 200 mm

Main benefits WSC 40

  • High precision. Enables the user to cut neatly in and around corners. Reaches into really tight spots and small openings, without having to change to a handheld cutter.
  • No overcutting. For  example, when cutting door openings.
  • Flush cutting. Handles cuts close to the floor, ceiling or wall.
  • Easy handling and ergonomic operation with compact design. Quick setup by simple replacement of blade flange on wall saw with WSC 40.
  • Modular. Uses the same track as the wall saw.
  • Efficient and flexible. With mechanic parallel movement the attachment stays horizontal. The chain works in two directions.
  • Easy chain tensioning with simple access.
  • Shock protection. Prevents attachment and chain from damage.
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Press Manager

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